Sunday, October 10, 2010

everything in between

This was where I was for the past week. It was a scary place.
Here are some things from my sketchbook project so far that I liked.
(This is all based on the random quote: "New teeth are added too, tired hearts are all repaired.")

Below is a drawing to illustrate the main ideas of Empedocles. More or less.

Sketch for my current project (based of rockwell's Let Nothing You Dismay).

Sketch for Sound! illustration

Final Sound! illustration

A better picture of the final for the Bacon Bloodshed article.

And a close up for good measure.

And here is Sinae, who is really good at walking, (and animation.) Walk cycles are fun* because once you're done you sometimes realize you've left out three drawings and given the character an unusual limp.

Anyway, I hope you have all made it through your week triumphant.
*the opposite of fun

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