Friday, February 18, 2011

3D printing is awesome. Enough said. This is done is Solidworks, hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to cut somethings made in artcam, which is "really... bizarre." True.

This makes me excited, because i've never been particularly handy at anything that produced utilitarian objects or respectable christmas-present-like objects. Not that you can exactly drink out of plater hardened with super glue without some issues, but it at least feels a bit closer. It's a nice break from the fantasy world that is animation + illustration, and at the same time I really feel like adding more possible career paths to the ever expanding void is just making feel unfocused and baffled.
But it's still cool.
Kite window.
Chimney view.
The machine can cut quite small. This is about 4 inches tall altogether, but Sinae's, whose plugs into mine, is fairly detailed and only about half an inch in any direction. At about $3 a cubic inch, it's pretty cheap to use too.

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