Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Most recent project: spot illustrations for phobias. These are fear of bikes, decisions, and glass.
I am still hoping to put some nice cracks at the top of that bell jar, but until then you can pretend it's claustrophobia if you can sympathize more with that. I was very lucky in that between my roommates and myself we each have one of these fears covered.

Above is my first shot at glass. It was way too dark to match the other two, and my paper was too thin to pull any of it up, so I had to start over. :/ I think it worked out though. Sometimes things just take more than one shot.About the color: I personally think gray-green and red will never be anything but terrifying. That's just my personal view.

Today's notes for illustration. New technique is loads of fun.
Lastly, a couple of half-done sketches of environments from some fiction that's stuck in my memory currently. I love having a long (vs tall) sketchbook. The second, which has a quick 5 minute overlay of tones for fun, is from the second floor of a library, the idea of which i'm really in love with. I'm bleakly hoping to redo them in PS and make them more legible soon. I have discovered that sketching in ballpoint pen is infinitely better for me though.

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