Friday, March 4, 2011

Lots of things: first, I was a bit sick this week, and am still feeling a bit questionable, so try to forgive me if this makes less sense (grammatically or otherwise) than usual. First off, I decided to print my little pet project! This is one of the first things I've tried to make from a drawing rather than randomly.
Not that it didn't get random after trying to figure out how to make limbs and lines at correct angles in space. Also, Solidworks has a pretty nice rendering add in called Photoworks.
I'm pretty happy with the shape especially. Hopefully I'll be able to paint it once the super glue dries.

OH! Also, a friend and I went to see Anamanaguchi (from Scott Pilgrim) and Ra ra riot at the Ram's Head the other night and it was awesome! It was a pretty short show, both are great live performers. That was my second time seeing Ra ra riot, and they're still fantastic. Ghost under rocks alone is worth the effort to see them live.

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