Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wahoo! It's painted! What a process. This was my pet project over break, and I really enjoyed it. The testors enamel paint wound up being quite glossy but nice. I wish I'd sanded a bit more, but other than that, i'm pretty content. I can't wait to try the next! I've missed non-watercolor painting.
Still deciding what sort of animal thing to do next. I'd like to test some acrylic on something smaller soon too. Along with my actual final project (wait and see) this is turning out to be pretty interesting. (*I will try to take some better pictures soon. u_u)


  1. Whoa I thought this was lacquered wood at first and then I looked back at the original model. So awesome.

  2. Thanks! It'll be great if I can make people think I know anything about woodworking haha.