Saturday, May 7, 2011

It was a great year for rapid prototyping. We were a group of sculpture and animation majors mostly, so we were all trying to either grapple with tech or getting out physical, meaningful objects. Someone said it was like were were all trying to break into the same house through different windows (as opposed to the front door.) It was a good balance to Jamy's In-the-future-everyone-will-live-in-a-digital-space-and-not-know-the-difference prophesies.

I had fun with my projects. The teapots were a request of my ceramicist roommate. The fox-things were a test that came out weirdly pleasant. The buildings were a good reminder of how much I like to paint, and somehow tangled up in my struggle to balance my digital and traditional work. Sketching, building in computers, and then back to hand painting. It was fun, never dull.

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