Sunday, October 23, 2011

Color studies based off the tonal drawings. I had some interesting experiments with this, since I had (and still sort of have) a more monochromatic idea for it. I wanted to do the tests anyway, just to see. I like the first one a lot, but the mood is off. All done in photoshop. Well, more tests with this later. On to storyboarding!


  1. I superlike these but I think I feel more comfortable with the colors of the second and fourth one. I'm guessing these went with the black and whites I commented on before, and looking at them again... I think I really REALLY like the colors of the second one- most likely b/c I think you can keep most of the monochromatic idea you said that you originally saw it in. They really set the mood~

  2. Thanks! I think that's how I feel too. The second one (which was actually the first I did) is closest to how I saw things playing out, but then I realized the assignment was to do it based on times of day, which doesn't really happen. I'm thinking about actually trying to work on this independently, so you insight is quite helpful.