Thursday, December 15, 2011

A lot of corgis

Well, the first of my homemade gifts I actually made at the start of thanksgiving break! A mug for my roommate (also an Olivia). I got it done through dA (you TOO can own one if you want.). It's sort of a tradition that everyone I know has some animal associated with them, and since she gave me free range to pick hers (which never happens) I picked corgis, which is a bit specific. But they're happy, and short legged, which I thought was hilarious. Anyway. I'm rather fond of the design.
Holy cow, my post on corgi subreddit just made front page! :O How exciting. Maybe someday soon I'll get an order of mugs not through dA, and actually make some profit off them. Makes me happy though! It's always the unnecessary projects that bring back the most good.
Haha, as requested, a desktop version & a version that tiles tiny corgis (for kicks.)


  1. Ahhhh!! I love corgis and this is so cute!! One of my best friends has a corgi! I'm totally showing this to her. :D

  2. Lovely Corgis! Thank you for entering my competition, Merry Christmas, Mary x