Friday, March 30, 2012

The Canaries

In the middle of a long assignment for illustration. We had to design a band for a specific era, with four members. It's a lot to think about. I'm still brainstorming ways to make them more interesting. I had a lot of fun researching 50's jazz bands, and styles. (If the style looks odd, it's because it refferences the teddy boys/girls style going on mainly in Britain at the time, which is pretty fascinating. Pretty contradictory to the post-war re-feminization that was happening. I chose the band name because I thought miners canaries were a pretty good metaphor for factory workers gone all-female-jazz-band.

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  1. Sorry I'm spamming up yo' blogspot! :P I like this idea, haha! I'm really into their clothing style and your color choices. I also really like the silhouette of the second 2 characters in your horizontal lineup (the super skinny one and the blonde one). I like how you portrayed each of their personalities in their postures and stuff, but I kind of want more to the silhouettes of the other two characters (the one with the cheeky grin and the smoking one). Though I really like the silhouette of the purple-haired one playing the saxophone (that's a saxophone, right? o.O). They don't need to be outrageous, but maybe a little more exaggerated? Just my thoughts--you don't have to change anything if you're too far into the assignment! They still look awesome!