Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our most recent project in stop motion was on puppet animation, with Juliana Chen & Brittany Brickhouse. Two weeks, with one week for building and the other for animating/editing. Building was a lot of brainstorming for everyone. On the one hand I lucked out doing environment things, because none of it had to move. On the other hand, how to you make a stable tree? What do you use for grass? Our solution was to stick mostly to painted modeling clay, so we had a semi-consistent look. The sheep are unpainted, so they're a bit softer. The tree is modeling clay and tissue paper/wire (basically just a bunch of green, mexican paper flowers.) The backgrounds are watercolor and acrylic paintings. The wall is also just a bunch of clay rocks. The animation part was 11 straight hours of work. It's great animating with another person though, because they can keep you from moving to fast, and help come up with solutions for unforeseen problems. Also, it helps to be able to trade off animating and capturing.

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  1. I think I commented on this somewhere else? But still love this. I miss stop-motion! T-T